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December 10, 2009

And a Somewhat Frantic Thursday Afternoon

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

Of course, today had to be nutty. I was due.

As I wrote earlier today, my day started off dealing with a PayPal issue. Afterwards, my day seemed relatively quiet, until the phone calls started. One after another, the phone constantly ringing with one issue on top of the other. This afternoon, my schedule got completely squashed, forcing me to push my scheduled visits back a day. Now my Friday afternoon is going to be a hectic mess.

Thankfully, the phone calls eventually ceased.

But I was playing around with this blog while I was waiting for a couple of return phone calls (I had nothing better to do since I was chained to my desk). I fixed up the monthly archive page, eliminated the sidebar archive (just click on the monthly archive page), cleaned up the entire sidebar by straightening out the Goodsearch box, and some other minor tweaks that I have been thinking about. The RSS feed is a work in progress, though the email subscription link works fine.

Then I went home to make a cup of coffee (haven’t you heard – coffee and beer is good for preventing prostate cancer) and work in the home office. Of course, the phone calls followed me. I also have three return and two “checking up on you” phone calls to make. I also have to finalize our Saturday night service by tomorrow, finalize my sermon study, write my sermon, write the prayers for this weekend, fix up my service book (I keep a printed copy of my service preparatory and sermon notes for my records), and come to some kind of conclusion about whether or not to move the home phone from Optimum Voice to my cell phone plan, or just eliminate the phone line altogether. I think I will bring this one up at Monday’s Voter’s Meeting.

Speaking of the Voter’s Meeting on Monday beginning at 7:00pm in the Upper Classroom, our big topic is going to be the 2010 church calendar. I hopefully will prepare some kind of worksheet that will make the scheduling go more orderly. The sad part of this meeting is that I was offered the opportunity to attend Monday’s Rangers’ tussle at the Garden, but due to the Voter’s Meeting, I will miss it. Maybe there will be a next time…

Otherwise, I’ve decided to spend the rest of this Thursday at home finishing up everything that has crossed my desk this week. I need to make my Friday as less-stressful as possible since traditionally, it is my sermon writing day. Considering that I do not have a good clue as to what my sermon is going to be about as we celebrate Advent with our annual Festival of Lessons and Carols, tomorrow’s writing time should be interesting.

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