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December 8, 2009

Blog Challenges

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

I found out today that my old leased car, one that was traded in back in April when I purchased my new car, somehow never found its way back to the leasing company. Part of my day was spent at the Chrysler dealership on Route 4 in Paramus trying to nail down what happened to the car. As of right now, no one has a clue as to what happened to the ol’ Rio.

The Chrysler staff was very nice and helpful and promised to get to the bottom of it.

Afterward, I spent about 90 minutes getting my ‘new’ car serviced. Oil change, winterizing, checking things over … the car is now set for the winter. As I sat in the waiting room in the service center at the dealership, I started to think about this blog. Several months ago, I essentially ripped the heart out of this blog when I decided to move a lot of the personal stuff to my personal blog, I know that there was concern at church that my topics could be deemed “risky.” I mean, how many pastors write about their sports obsessions (to provide this, I am watching the Montreal Canadians-Ottawa Senators game on NHL Center Ice right now), how they are really feeling (I am a little nervous about the missing leased-car thing), and other assorted news and information topics that raised my eyebrow.

I have always felt that this blog should somehow resemble me, the pastor. While I can write about theological topics, I can also write about things that interest me, matters that concern me, and general nonsensical ideas that show a little bit more about me than what you get on Sunday mornings (or Saturday nights or Wednesday nights or every Monday through Friday morning) in church. My blog slogan was always “Pastors are people, too.”

Yet, when I cut those topics out, this blog got, well, boring. I went days and weeks between posts. And in those posts, the topics were basic and generic. This blog lost a lot of me.

While sitting around this afternoon, I made a decision about “The Pastor’s Blog:”

It needs more of me. Starting now, I intend to write more about me and things I am going through. I will continue to write over at my personal blog, That place will be clearing house of everything that I write (including articles, sports rants, sermons, homilies, and the like). This place will be more about me, the pastor.

I guess this post is a nice way to kick-start this blog.

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