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October 2, 2009

Raising Money for Disaster Relief

by Rev. A. J. Iovine

This weekend at church, we will begin a month long collection for money to help the LCMS World Relief and Human Care deal with the disasters in the Southeast Asia/Pacific region. Just this week alone, an earthquake caused a tsunami, wiping out villages and towns in the American Samoa area; horrendous flooding in the Philippines from a storm that eventually became a typhoon that pounded Vietnam; and a typhoon that hit Taiwan.

We will collect donations after church during Fellowship Hour this weekend and starting next weekend, we’ll collect a goodwill offering during our new “Coffee Hour” after church.

LCMS World Relief and Human Care has been active throughout the world trying to bring relief to those suffering from disasters. As Christians, our faith compels to help those who are suffering — it shows the love of Christ in action. The organization’s Executive Director, Rev. Matthew Harrison, reminds us all about this important message of God:

It is impossible for Gospel-rendered faith in Christ to be idle, and thus thousands of congregations and individuals assist us with their gifts that we might offer assistance to people in need all over the world. As we do so, we are ambassadors for Christ, his Gospel, and the magnificent confession of that Gospel in the orthodox Lutheran faith. The conservative Lutheran confession of the faith and liberal love of the neighbor belong together in the life of the individual Christian, the local congregation and the national church body.

For more information, and to watch a video with LCMS World Relief and Human Care Executive Director Matthew Harrison, please click here.


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